Albania; a country of contrasts

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In recent years I have visited the Balkan region a few times. Since I enjoyed its variety with mountains, beaches and plenty of culture, I wanted to explore a bit more. Albania is a fine example that ticks all these … Continued

Peru; skiing the Cordillera Blanca

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In 2013 I had visited the South of Peru. The Inca trail with a beautiful finish in Machu Picchu and the city of Arequipa were the highlights during that trip. Huaraz, the base for trekking – and climbing expeditions in … Continued

Bulgaria; mountains and a lot of meat

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In 2017 I traveled for about 6,5 months with my skis and part of the plan was to ski in Bulgaria. I arrived in Sofia in the beginning of March of that year and explored the Balkan region but, due … Continued

Tajikistan; traveling the Pamir highway

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A Central Asian country that is still relatively under the radar, is located south of both Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, countries which are currently well-known by travelers. It is the smallest country in the region and more than half of it … Continued

Kyrgyzstan; a ski expedition to Ak Sai

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The last weeks I have been traveling around Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have all showed me some amazing culture and landscapes. The landscapes showed me the potential for ski mountaineering. After all the sightseeing, a trip with my … Continued

Kazakhstan; cities and a lot of steppe

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The largest country of Central Asia is Kazakhstan. Being more than 60 times as large as the Netherlands, it’s the 9th country of the world in terms of size. However, due to the fact that the vast majority of the … Continued

Kyrgyzstan; exploring the vast wilderness

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Somewhere in Asia is a region I wanted to visit for several years now. It is historically defined by its nomadic people, a region with an extreme continental climate and where few cities have been developed. It’s also a region … Continued

Alaska; skiing the Chugach

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For the last decade I have been skiing all over the globe and the objectives and goals within the sport of skiing are getting more and more specific. In the end, steep and remote skiing is what it all comes … Continued