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Dalmatino, Dalmatian food in Hvar, Croatia

In 2016 I travelled in Croatia for nearly two weeks. At first I was mainly looking for Asian food which I like so much with a salad every now and then to mix things up. After about a week I realized I simply couldn’t leave the country without trying a local specialty. When I was in the beautiful little town of Hvar a highly praised restaurant begged to be visited…

Curry Bowl, Sri Lankan streetfood in Zagreb, Croatia

For several years now, I am a huge fan of Asian food, Indian and Indonesian in particular. It’s got a lot of flavour and is not too heavy, you can eat without building up any guilt, if you know what I mean. Many countries nowadays offer a wide variety of food because of the many immigrants from all over the world. In Croatia however, there are not so many immigrants from other continents who fill up the streets, which makes the number of Asian restaurants limited. Luckily, Zagreb has a great one: Curry Bowl.

Cremeria Milano, ice cream parlour in Istanbul, Turkey

All over the world, no matter where I am, I’m always looking for good ice cream. In every developed country it’s easy to find a nice ice cream but finding that special flavour or special quality can be a completely different story. Just by coincidence I ran into a superb parlour during my 6 day stay in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul. At Cremeria Milano I had the best ice cream ever!

Lokanta Helvetia, homemade food in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a very big metropolis with around 14 million people. Since it’s such a big and international city you can find all sorts of cuisine. Kebabs and pides joints are of course abundant. When you’re looking for more traditional Turkish food, you’ll have to do some research. Near the Galata tower one can find a great place for traditional homemade food, the name: Lokanta Helvetia.

Don Chiquino, Italian restaurant in Esquel, Argentina

Patagonia is full of touristy towns. The surroundings are worth a visit but the towns themselves are normally nothing more that a place to stay. Too many tourists and souvenir shops make the atmosphere a bit depressing every now and then. An advantage of these towns are the presence of great restaurants. Esquel is a town in the North of Patagonia that is different in the sense it’s not a touristy town. Locals still look a bit surprised when the odd tourist with skis walks in town. The town lacks good restaurants. There is however one exception: Don Chiquino!

Alto el Fuego, steakhouse in Bariloche, Argentina

When you think about Argentine food, you immediately think about big juicy steaks. Buenos Aires offers many excellent steakhouses, or parrillas as they are called locally. However, when you travel outside the capital, you’ll find some great places to eat as well. In San Carlos de Bariloche for example, located in the Northern part of Patagonia, I find a great restaurant where I returned multiple times to enjoy a beautiful piece of meat. This restaurant is called Alto el Fuego.

Tandoor in Bangalore, India

Bangalore has some of the best food in India if you´d ask me. The city is more developed than others in the country and because of its many national immigrants most types of Indian food are available. If you´re looking for a place in the center of town with a guarantee for superb food, there is an easy pick: Tandoor on Mahatma Gandhi Road!

Jalsa in Bangalore, India

One of my favourite cuisines is the one from India. When I had to visit Bangalore for business purposes I used the opportunity to taste the local cuisine. Bangalore turned out to be a real heaven when in comes to food. When you´re looking for a fun and great dining experience, Jalsa would be my recommendation!

Samarkand in Bangalore, India

Whenever you’ll find yourself in Bangalore looking for very tasty food in a great ambience and you’re not on a tight budget, well things are easy, visit Samarkand and success is guaranteed!

Annapurna, Indian restaurant in Chamonix, France

In most skiresorts you’re limited to basic food when eating out. There are however some resorts in the world where excellent restaurants are present. Chamonix in France is a fine example of such a resort and Annapurna restaurant is my pick there!