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Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant in Diani Beach, Kenya

When looking for some of the finest seafood in Mombasa or Diani beach, don’t look any further. Ali Barbour’s Cave restaurant offers all this and a great setting. When did you have your last meal in a beautiful cave?

Great India, Indian restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand

Indian food might be my favourite and I have tried Indian restaurants all over the world and I really mean all over the world. Ofcourse Indian food is fantastic in the country it originates from but the food served at Great India is a serious competitor or maybe even better…

India Way, Indian restaurant in Leiden, The Netherlands

Living in the Netherlands I simply had to try different Indian restaurants as a variety to our local cuisine. Traveling to many countries results in interest in different cuisines, at least in my case it did. From all Indian restaurant I have tried in my homecountry India Way is on top of the list.

Da Dong, Chinese restaurant in Beijing, China

Flying with Finnair to Beijing, I was reading their magazine about top restaurants in the Chinese capital. A big recommendation was Da Dong and it didn’t disappoint.

Bukhara, Indian restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa

Bukhara is not just an Indian restaurant. For me it changed my diet and it even changed my interests because from the day I had eaten there, I wanted to see more of the amazing country the food originates from!

la Cabrera, steakhouse in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina is famous for tango but also for great steaks. Their meat is so tender it makes every man’s heart pound faster. If you really want to challenge your heart, pay la Cabrera with a visit!