Monthly Archives: April 2013

French Alps; croissants and couloirs

Skiing for a long time and exploring your limits means you will eventually create a so-called bucketlist of skiruns. Lines you have spotted on previous trips, couloirs others tell you about or pictures on the internet can add just another run to the list. Most of the runs on my list are located in the French Alps so when I have some time left, I’d better go and try to shorten my list…

Couloirs de la Pointe Trifide in la Grave, France

A couloir is a steep gorge or gully. With enough snowcoverage it can be very exciting to ski one. Once you enter a couloir, there is no way out and because you’re in a big terrain trap, you have to either ski from one safe spot to the next or ski in one go in order not to get caught in an avalanche. If you like skiing couloirs like I do, there is a hidden gem in the French Alps; la Grave…

‘t Cafeeke, Belgian beer cafe in Madrid, Spain

When you’re on the road it’s nice to have a place where you feel at home from time to time. It’s maybe a bit sad when you’d call a Belgian beer cafe home, but for me it’s definitely a place to hang out for an hour or two and to get away from the hustle and bustle on the street. Madrid is quite a comfortable city without a lot of stress, but still, a visit to ‘t Cafeeke is a must if you like a Belgian beer from time to time…

Morocco; sun, snow and sand

To complete my goal of skiing on all the continents I had to ski in Africa with Morocco being the most obvious place to do so. Skitouring in the High Atlas mountains was therefore automatically on the agenda, but what else had this country in Northern Africa to offer?

Brèche des Clochetons, Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Initially I went to Morocco ‘just’ to ski on the African continent. I expected bad snow conditions and relatively boring terrain. As low expectations are always a good thing, it turned out I had great springsnow in the tail end of the season, perfect weather and some interesting terrain. The last day of the trip I skied the couloir from Brèche des Clochetons just opposite the Refuge des Mouflons, a great finish of a great skitrip!