Monthly Archives: July 2013

Bolivia & Peru; amazing landscapes

For years Peru has been high, if not the highest, on my list of countries I wanted to visit. Whereas Argentina and Chile have a European feel, Peru sounded more Latin American (whatever that may be) to me. Initially Bolivia was just a transit country but during my travels I met more and more people who really liked Bolivia. I guess I had to see what that’s all about…

Brazil; cities and the Pantanal

After visiting Africa multiple times I finally got to see my beloved cats;  cheetahs and leopards. But, there are more cats on this planet. The Pantanal in Brazil is home to the jaguar, a cat very similar to the leopard but a little bit bigger and even more elusive I guess. Visiting the world’s fifth largest country, I might as well add some cities to the itinerary in order to obtain a better view of the country.