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Las Leñas; a freeride paradise

For a couple of years now the Andes is one of my favourite places to go skiing. This trip I had the opportunity to ski different areas in this impressive mountainrange for about 2 months. Many runs on my bucketlist were located here so hopefully I could at least ski them and hopefully in nice conditions too!

Entre Rios, Las Leñas, Argentina

Las Leñas has some of the best easily accessible backcountry terrain in the world. You take the Marte chairlift and so many opportunities await you that it can keep you busy for years. At the back of the resort there are three very prominent peaks begging to be skied; Cerro Martin, Entre Rios and Cerro Torrecillas. For many Entre Rios is their favourite. I skied it in the summer of 2013.

Hourglass, Las Leñas, Argentina

Skiing in Europe and North America is really popular but there is one resort in the Southern hemisphere that offers almost unlimited offpiste – and backcountry skiing. This place is Las Leñas in Argentina. With over 200 documented offpiste / backcountry runs it is a true mecca for skiers all over the world. One of the finest runs accessible without much effort is Hourglass, a beautiful steep couloir…

San Lorenzo – Olimpo in Buenos Aires

Previously in Buenos Aires I had visited matches of River Plate and Boca Juniors, the two most famous teams of the country. While these were nice experiences, especially River Plate (I don’t like Boca!), I wanted to have a more local experience this time. San Lorenzo was the chosen one…