Muay Thai boxing in Bangkok

When visiting a foreign country I always like to absorb some of the local country. For me that doesn’t mean checking out all the museums, no, I prefer to live the area. In other words, I enjoy trying the local food, walking around in different areas, listening to local music, etc. That way I’m trying to get a feel of local culture. Sports is part of that, so when I visited Bangkok some Muay Thai boxing was on the agenda…

I spent three days in this big city so I did some research in advance to make sure I could optimize my time in this capital. A friend of mine had visited Bangkok and recommended to see some Muay Thai boxing. As a sports enthusiast I didn’t have to think long…

In the Cozy Hostel I found out there were matches twice a week in Lumpinee stadium. The extensive subway system brought me close to the venue where I bought my ticket for the evening. Not cheap, 2000 Baht, but I had so-called VIP-tickets which meant I had a seat in the first couple of rows. On arrival in the stadium it turned out that Billy, a guy I had met in the hostel, was also interested to see some good boxing. Billy was a Canadian from Montreal and had been a boxer himself. This was great as turned out later because he tought me some insights of this sport that was relatively new to me!

Muay Thai boxing in Lumpinee stadium, Bangkok

Muay Thai boxing in Lumpinee stadium, Bangkok

The program consisted of 10 matches. The first couple consisted of some teenagers who tried to impress the audience, without success. After three or four matches or so it seemed the real deal was about to get started. According to the program of the evening the competitors were older, heavier and therefore probably better as well, the real Muay Thai boxing. Billy and I were hoping for some sensation, knockouts were all we wanted to see!

By now the stadium was pretty full so we were not the only ones expecting some noise. The crowd really got involved by now and needless to say, the atmosphere was quite good. High level matches followed but we had to wait till one of the final matches to see a real knockout. Out of the blue a good punch in the face was delivered by one of the boxers and the other went down. He looked to be in another world, in which he probably was for a moment. Within seconds the doctor entered the ring and our friend was carried out of the stadium. The audience was satisfied, our friend wasn’t. What a paradox, what a strange event…

so who is the Muay Thai fighter here?

so who is the Muay Thai fighter here?

One of our favourite matches went the distance and we, Billy and myself, were supporting the same guy. The jury finally had to declare the winner by points. In the meantime Billy had arranged a meeting with one of the guys of his entourage. Luckily our guy won so we didn’t meet a grumpy Muay Thai fighter…

All in all a great evening in Bangkok. I witnessed a sport I had never seen before. The atmosphere was good and it was easy to get tickets. Prices are a bit high, especially for Thai standards. When you’re in Bangkok and you like sports however, you’ll simply have to go!

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