Jalsa in Bangalore, India

One of my favourite cuisines is the one from India. When I had to visit Bangalore for business purposes I used the opportunity to taste the local cuisine. Bangalore turned out to be a real heaven when in comes to food. When you´re looking for a fun and great dining experience, Jalsa would be my recommendation!

Bangalore is the most developed city of India and attracted a lot of people from all over the country because of the employment opportunities. As a result you´ll find all local cuisines of India represented in the IT capital of India. Because the city is more developed, hygiene issues are less of a problem than elsewhere in the country although care still has to be taken. Many restaurants can be found in the center. A great restaurant just outside the main area is Jalsa. This restaurant offers a total dining experience, much more than eating alone. They have described it pretty well on there website:

¨JUNOON – which means passion in Urdu is a celebration of, love, life and a passion for the finer things in life. Junoon of Jalsa is not just about eating out, but is about an evening full of drama, music, and great food. Inspired by the uninhabited opulence and love stories of the Mughal era, Junoon promises gourmet diners an experience like never before. The restaurant brings to Bangalore the passion and palate of genuine North Frontier Cuisine. On entering the restaurant, one is transported from the present to the opulent era of the great Mughal emperors, where every member of the staff greets you in polished Urdu, in majestic style.¨

enjoying a dinner at Jalsa in Bangalore with local friends

enjoying a dinner at Jalsa in Bangalore with local friends

The restaurant had been recommended by John Pradeep, a former colleague who lives in Bangalore. Together with him and a friend of his, I checked out everything Jalsa has to offer. On arrival you´ll notice the great atmosphere. There is an open area in the middle surrounded by many semi-private little sections for 4 to 6 people. The music adds to the ambience as well. Soon you´ll feel like a Mughal emperor. The menu at Jalsa is comprehensive. From chicken and lamb to fish, it´s all there. Of course starters, desserts and many types of local bread can be ordered too. I ordered the Murg Makhani and we shared a Bhindi Do Pyaza as a side dish. Of course rice and a selection of different breads accompanied our meals. It was delicious. Prices of most main dishes range from 200 to 400 rupees. Together with a drink and some sides you´ll end up paying around 500 to 750 rupees which corresponds to 7 to 10 euros. In return you´ll get great food in a very nice and special ambience!

No. 25, Outer Ring Road, Near Grand Mall, Doddanekundi, Bangalore

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