Samarkand in Bangalore, India

Whenever you’ll find yourself in Bangalore looking for very tasty food in a great ambience and you’re not on a tight budget, well things are easy, visit Samarkand and success is guaranteed!

The restaurant of Samarkand is tucked away in some sort of dodgy shopping mall. When you walk around in the area or you drive around in the rickshaw the last thing you’ll expect to find is a fancy restaurant over there. Once you enter the restaurant though, it soon becomes very clear that this place has a lot of potential. Your expectations will be high from the very first moment. The waiters are dressed in typical Maharadja-style and beautiful paintings with high ceilings complete the ambience. It might be a tiny bit over the top but it’s still impressive!

The clientele of Samarkand consist of mostly business people and older tourists. The place is not cheap although still very much affordable in my opinion so you won’t find the backpacker crowd. Another reason to go if you’d ask me! It is not your every day place and to me it remains a bit weird to end up in those luxurious places while only a couple of meters away poverty is everywhere. Welcome to India…

the restaurant has a very nice interior

the restaurant has a very nice interior

After I absorbed the atmosphere and looked a bit around, I studied the menu. Because Samarkand is not my everyday pick to eat out, I thought I would order something that matched the occasion. So I looked for something a normally don’t eat at Indian restaurants. I am a big fan of prawns but for some reason I never had them in an Indian restaurant. Since I love to eat the nan bread together with the tasty gravy that normally comes with most Indian dishes, the Jhinga masala was my choice for the evening. Of course I had a lassi too in case I had to cool down from all the spices. Jhinga masala is actually a regular dish but instead of chicken or lamb one gets the dish served with prawns. The gravy was perfect and the prawns were cooked to perfection. To me the quality of the nan bread is normally a good indication of the overall quality of the restaurant which was absolutely true this time as well. The bread was light and a bit crunchy, so perfect to combine with the gravy. Simply everything I ordered at this place tasted beautifully. Since I was on a business trip, I didn’t really care about the bill (thank you IMS!). But, in case you do have to pay yourself, it is not too bad. Of course there are many cheaper places in Bangalore but if you’re looking for a good night out or just something different, than Samarkand is a good choice. And ask yourself, where can you eat some of the best food in a beautiful setting for under 20 euros?

Gem Plaza, No. 66, Infantry Road, Shivajinagar, Bangalore

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