Tandoor in Bangalore, India

Bangalore has some of the best food in India if you´d ask me. The city is more developed than others in the country and because of its many national immigrants most types of Indian food are available. If you´re looking for a place in the center of town with a guarantee for superb food, there is an easy pick: Tandoor on Mahatma Gandhi Road!

Tandoor is traditionally ranked very high on Tripadvisor and together with its convenient location it´s no surprise that it´s always packed. Mostly business people enter the restaurant but you´ll find some wealthy families and a couple of tourists eating there as well. As a single traveler I was a bit odd but who cares. I wanted to try some spectacular food and this place was supposed to deliver exactly that. After I waited for a little bit I got my own table. The restaurant has a big rectangular shape, nothing special. In fact, the decoration is quite boring although it´s nice that you can see the chefs at work through a huge window. If you´re looking for more atmosphere while eating out in Bangalore I highly recommend Jalsa or Samarkand.

Once I had my lassi and some papadums time had come to study the menu. Normally I order a dish with a nice gravy because I like to dip the nan bread in the richly flavoured sauce. This time however, I decided to think outside the box and ordered the chicken kebab. Afraid that it wouldn´t be enough (as always…) I ordered a Bhindi Masala too. Because I was occupying a big table on my own the food was delivered quickly. Hurry up Paul, we have clients waiting to be seated! At least, that was the message I received…

Nevertheless the food looked good and I was hungry, so who cares. The portions were huge, I guess I ordered two mains. The difference is sometimes hard to tell in India. Vegetarian dishes can be mains or side dishes. Well, I had enough food to satisfy my hunger. The Bhindi was absolutely amazing but the chicken kebab was even better. They had put some sort of creamy sauce inside the chicken and the meat was really tender. Every bite was a true pleasure!

My stomach had no space left for dessert but I bet that´s good too at Tandoor. Because the restaurant mainly targets business people it´s not cheap. For a full meal including a drink prepare to pay at least between 10 and 15 euros. For Indian standards that´s quite expensive but for Westerners it´s still very much affordable. When you realize both the quality and quantity of food you´ll get for this amount of money, it´s actually dirt cheap!

In case you´re ever find yourself going to Bangalore, be sure to check out this restaurant!


No. 28, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Bangalore

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