‘t Cafeeke, Belgian beer cafe in Madrid, Spain

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When you’re on the road it’s nice to have a place where you feel at home from time to time. It’s maybe a bit sad when you’d call a Belgian beer cafe home, but for me it’s definitely a place to hang out for an hour or two and to get away from the hustle and bustle on the street. Madrid is quite a comfortable city without a lot of stress, but still, a visit to ‘t Cafeeke is a must if you like a Belgian beer from time to time…

During my trip around the world, I flew a lot with Iberia since I was a frequent flyer with this airline and went up and down (or is it down and up?) to South America twice. Because of that Madrid acted as a hub for me too. After several months of travelling in Asia, Madrid was a more than welcome stopover being a comfortable and organized city. To reflect on the previous months of my travels I was looking for a nice place to eat or to have a nice drink. Well, when I found out about ‘t Cafeeke, the choice was easy. I stayed close to Plaza Mayor, the main square in Madrid, meaning my Belgian beer was within walking distance since ‘t Cafeeke is located just around the corner from the square…

some of the main delicacies at 't Cafeeke in Madrid
some of the main delicacies at ‘t Cafeeke in Madrid

The bar is actually located at a little square next to the main square. The square is a bit touristy and some dodgy people hang about so more reason to enter this little gem in Spain’s capital. The bar consist of two floors. The upper one is relatively big and has more of a private setting whereas the bottom one is more lively with many people coming and going. They have a large menu in terms of drinks, as Belgian beer cafes generally do, and serve some snacks and food too. Actually every time you place an order of drinks, it will come with some snacks ranging from crisps to popcorn.

Besides the typical beers, they offer the officially best beer in the world “Westvleteren 12” for ‘only’ 17 euro. I say only here because the waiter told me this beer is normally offered for a shocking 33 euro. Luckily for me I’m not a fan of brown beers or “Brune’s / Dubbel’s”. Nothing beats a Tripel Karmeliet or a Maredsous Triple for me though and they were on the menu!

You can of course visit any of the local Cerveceria’s in Madrid but if you fancy a beer with a bit more character during your stay in Madrid, there is only one place to go: ‘t Cafeeke!

Website: www.cafeeke.com
Address: Calle Cuchilleros 3

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