Curry Bowl, Sri Lankan streetfood in Zagreb, Croatia

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For several years now, I am a huge fan of Asian food, Indian and Indonesian in particular. It’s got a lot of flavour and is not too heavy, you can eat without building up any guilt, if you know what I mean. Many countries nowadays offer a wide variety of food because of the many immigrants from all over the world. In Croatia however, there are not so many immigrants from other continents who fill up the streets, which makes the number of Asian restaurants limited. Luckily, Zagreb has a great one: Curry Bowl.

On my first day in Zagreb I had to check out this place, which is known for its Sri Lankan streetfood. I had no idea what that would be exactly but I figured the close proximity of Sri Lanka to India had to imply the food to be related to the famous curry dishes. Curry Bowl is located in the absolute center of Zagreb, on the popular Ivana Tkalčića street. It’s a small restaurant with some seats inside and a bunch of tables outside. When eating outside, be prepared to have a lot of eyes your way since everybody who passes by, is very curious to see this little gem…

delicious deviled chicken in Zagreb, isn't that crazy?
delicious deviled chicken in Zagreb, isn’t that crazy?

The menu of Curry Bowl is not very large but, according to Gordon Ramsay, that’s a good thing. Some of their specialties are Kotthu and Deviled meat which comes with either chicken, pork, beef or schrimps. I opted for the deviled chicken which can best be described as a variation to chicken Jalfrezi as its Indian counterpart. At least it’s a combination of chicken with some vegetables in some sort of curry sauce. I know a lot of preparation goes into these dishes so I don’t want to insult anybody but Jalfrezi is the closest to Deviled chicken I can think of. So, what can I say about the food? In one word: delicious. A beautiful flavour with a nice amount of spiciness. The portion was perfect too and it will fit almost anyone’s budget. If I remember it correctly a main dish goes for around 60 kuna which converts to around 8 euros at the time of writing. If there is one suggestion I could make to the friendly owner it would be to include naan bread on the menu…

Address: Ulica Ivana Tkalčića 44, Zagreb

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