Dalmatino, Dalmatian food in Hvar, Croatia

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In 2016 I travelled in Croatia for nearly two weeks. At first I was mainly looking for Asian food which I like so much with a salad every now and then to mix things up. After about a week I realized I simply couldn’t leave the country without trying a local specialty. When I was in the beautiful little town of Hvar a highly praised restaurant begged to be visited…

Dalmatino is located in the center of Hvar and is a very popular restaurant. I guess being highly ranked at Tripadvisor makes a significant difference. When I wandered around town to check out several places to have dinner, Dalmatino was already fully booked for 6:30 pm. Thinking this place might be too pretentious, I continued my search at first but in the end I gave Dalmatino a go. I figured it had to result in a great local specialty considering the superb reviews of this restaurant.

The terrace had already been completely reserved until midnight, so I sat down inside. I could choose between two available tables and I proved to be best friends with Murphy’s law. My neighbors ate so disgustingly with their mouth open, that is was impossible to ignore. The corresponding sounds were possibly even worse. I guess it’s great they found each other because every other person in the world could not handle it. Although, thinking about it, Chinese people might like it…

Dalmatinska pašticada at Dalmatino restaurant in Hvar
Dalmatinska pašticada at Dalmatino restaurant in Hvar

Back to the dinner, I ordered the so-called Dalmatinska pašticada, which is stewed beef cooked in a special sauce served with some homemade pasta. That turned out to be a great meal. The service was also fantastic, with very attentive waiters. At several stages during dinner I received some shot of liquor, all with different flavours referring to local herbs and spices. All together, the meal, the service and the atmosphere made this dinner a special one and one to remember. Their menu consist of international cuisine with steaks and fish and several local dishes. So I guess there should be something for everyone!

Address: Sveti Marak 1, Hvar

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