India Way, Indian restaurant in Leiden, The Netherlands

Living in the Netherlands I simply had to try different Indian restaurants as a variety to our local cuisine. Traveling to many countries results in interest in different cuisines, at least in my case it did. From all Indian restaurant I have tried in my homecountry India Way is on top of the list.

The restaurant is located just outside the real center of Leiden, a student town in the Netherlands. For international standards Leiden is that small that the whole city could be seen as ‘downtown’ but locally different rules set the standard. It’s located in a quiet area together with some other restaurants and bars. Inside one immediately notices this is an Indian restaurant. Typical decorations and the smell of tasty curries makes a food-lover like me feel at home straight away. The staff was very good; helpful explaining the different dishes and good fun. Every visit to the table was accompanied by a joke here and there which is always refreshing. I tried the chicken Madras together with some aloo gobi, garlic naan and ofcourse…a lassi. The Madras was really spicey for a Dutchman like me, but had great taste. The naan bread was light which can not be said of most naans in other Indian restaurant in the Netherlands. Prices are average for local restaurants so nothing special there.

If you’re ever happen to be in the neighborhood, give this one a try! You won’t regret it.


Vrouwenkerkkoorstraat 7, Leiden, the Netherlands


UPDATE: The last time I visited the restaurant the food was disgusting. I guess new ownership…

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