Great India, Indian restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand

Indian food might be my favourite and I have tried Indian restaurants all over the world and I really mean all over the world. Ofcourse Indian food is fantastic in the country it originates from but the food served at Great India is a serious competitor or maybe even better…

My passion for Indian food started in 2007 when I visited Cape Town. The food at Bukhara restaurant really opened my mind. I loved the food that much that suddenly I wanted to travel to India and try their dishes at as many places as possible. And so I did. By the time of this review I have eaten at Indian restaurants in South Africa, the Netherlands, Hungary, England, Argentina, Nepal, India and New Zealand. One might expect the food to be the best in India, simply because that’s the country the food comes from, but I have to say the food at Great India is really fantastic. Ofcourse the food in India is superb as well, don’t get me wrong. Maybe it’s the ambience and the service that completes the restaurant in Wellington, something many Indian (and others as well) restaurants could learn from.

The restaurant is in the centre of town, not looking very special from the outside. Once indoors, it’s obvious you’re in a good restaurant. The entrance is beautiful, service is fantastic and tables are full. I took a seat and looked at their extensive menu, which is normal for Indian restaurants. So far the best Indian meal I ever had, was the Karahi chicken at Ambrai in Udaipur. The best way to compare is to order the same meal, so my choice was clear. Wow, that food was amazing. In the meantime I was joined by two Americans who were on a holiday in this beautiful country too. They also loved their meal. Actually one of them ordered the Karahi chicken as well because of my recommendation. Whether the food could beat meal I had at Ambrai or not, I don’t know. What I do know is that the total package of this restaurant is hard to beat. So, if you’re ever in Wellington give this restaurant a try and I’m sure it won’t disappoint!


141 Manners Street, Wellington, New Zealand

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