Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant in Diani Beach, Kenya

When looking for some of the finest seafood in Mombasa or Diani beach, don’t look any further. Ali Barbour’s Cave restaurant offers all this and a great setting. When did you have your last meal in a beautiful cave?

When you’re in Diani Beach you don’t have to many choices where to eat. Most of the hotels and resorts have decent restaurants but some of them serve guests only while others are simply to far away. I stayed in Stilts Treehouses and had some delicious meals, really delicious actually. However, some of the other guests had a reservation at Ali Barbour’s and invited me to join. With my passion for food and interest in special restaurant, ofcourse I could’t say no. We walked by the resident baboons to enter the restaurant. The entrance is nice but the real beauty of the place is evident when you walk down the stairs to enter the cave. A great setting where mostly couples and families have their dinner.

The menu consist mainly of seafood although they do offer steak and salads as well. I ordered crab which was very tasteful. Most members of my party had seafood and some had steak, everybody loved it. Prices are reasonable considering the setting you’re in. Comparing them with real budget places, many may find this restaurant expensive.


P.O. Box 53, Ukunda 80400, Kenya

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