Bukhara, Indian restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa

Bukhara is not just an Indian restaurant. For me it changed my diet and it even changed my interests because from the day I had eaten there, I wanted to see more of the amazing country the food originates from!In November 2007 I traveled through South Africa for just over two weeks. The last midweek I did a backpacker tour to the Garden route. After the tour I would spend a weekend in Cape Town before flying back home. There was a very friendly Brittish couple on the same tour and they just visited Cape Town. I asked them for a restaurant recommendation and they replied with “Bukhara!”. I had never eaten Indian food before but because they were from the island where Indian cuisine is the order of the day I trusted them completely. That weekend I first met the cuisine that can truly feed your senses!
I went over to Church street in the center of Cape Town just off Longstreet and entered the building. A full house awaited me which was a good sign. After a short while I could take a seat close to the kitchen. A large window enabled me to see the cooks at work, great! As a complete newby to Indian food I had no clew what to order so I picked an interesting looking dish. Half an hour later the chicken lababdar was served. What had I been doing for the last 28 years?! Why had I never eaten Indian food before?! This tasted so good, it would change my life. I was never interested in visiting countries like India and Nepal, now I couldn’t wait to go. I always ate regular Dutch food, from now on I would try most Asian food and implement it in my daily routines. Bukhara, a great recommendation!

Prices are good, service is good and food is outstanding! Hopefully they keep up the good work and don’t change management to often as is the rumour. The only downside might be the area as there are quite some homeless people surrounding the restaurant. For me it was not an issue at all but take it into your mind in case you know it might ruin your evening.


33 Church street, Cape Town 8001, South Africa

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