Da Dong, Chinese restaurant in Beijing, China

Flying with Finnair to Beijing, I was reading their magazine about top restaurants in the Chinese capital. A big recommendation was Da Dong and it didn’t disappoint.

My plan was to go their straight away to satisfy my desire to eat at one of the best restaurant of Beijing and probably even China. Their famous duck was constantly in my mind. However, fellow travelers I met during the first days of my stay preferred to eat at real budget places so I decided to save my visit to Da Dong to the last evening of my trip before I would fly back home.

The restaurant is one of the more expensive ones in Beijing. A full meal with some drinks will cost you around 30 euros which is quite a lot for Chinese standards. As a result the clientele consists primarily of rich locals and expats. Ofcourse I ordered the typical Peking duck. Perfectly cut into thin slices served with several sauces and an extensive service made me enjoy the meal to the fullest. Even after waiting for over an hour before seated, I can really recommend this restaurant. When you’re on a tight budget it might be wise to skip Da Dong, otherwise a visit to Beijing isn’t complete without it!


5/F, Jinbao Dasha, Jinbao Jie, Dongcheng District, Beijing

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