Annapurna, Indian restaurant in Chamonix, France

In most skiresorts you’re limited to basic food when eating out. There are however some resorts in the world where excellent restaurants are present. Chamonix in France is a fine example of such a resort and Annapurna restaurant is my pick there!

Chamonix offers many great places to eat. The main street offers restaurants like la Caleche and Annapurna and in Chamonix Sud one can have a great dinner at l’Impossible for example. I have to admit I haven’t eaten at l’Impossible but simply entering the place said enough, very impressive. Making a reservation was ‘impossible’ as it was fully booked days in advance. It must be good.

My experiences at la Caleche are superb. A beautiful restaurant with impressive decorations makes you want to eat there and the food is good too. It is really in the center of Chamonix and therefore it’s always very busy. As a consequence service is not always as good as their waiters are in a rush. When you visit Chamonix for a couple of days I still recommend to eat here at least once.

In case you’re an Indian food lover, as I am, there is one restaurant that stands out in my opinion. Tigre tigre is good but Annapurna is even better. An intimate restaurant just outside the real center with a true authentic feel. The waiters are Indian/Nepalese and are always in for a nice chat. It’s a bit chaotic and not too efficient at times which reminded me of India. The most important aspect ofcourse is the food and that’s outstanding. The menu is large but everything I have ordered at this joint was very tasty. They serve cardamom lassi which is a nice variation to the more common mango lassi. The menu is good, the chicken dishes are amazing and the desserts are lovely. Portions come in good sizes and prices are regular. Try the Coupe Annapurna as dessert to finish a great day in the mountaineering capital of the world!


62 Avenue Ravanel le Rouge  74400 Chamonix, France

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