Chicago Bulls – Orlando Magic (NBA)

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In the 90’s the Chicago Bulls had their glory days with six championship titles. His Royal Airness Michael Jordan was the embodiment of this succesful era. In 2009 nothing was left of this amazing team. Still I couldn’t resist visiting the United Center for a match when I was there…

I met Kevin, Adrian and Tim in August 2006 in Argentina. They were on a skitrip to Las Lenas and invited me to visit them back home. Their home was and is in the ugly and poor town of Aspen so there was no hesitation from my side!

The first week of 2009 would be spent in the classic skiresort but I added a nice citytrip to Chicago to start with. Chicago is ofcourse the windy city and the city of the blues but it’s also the city that hosts the Chicago Bulls. December 31 I visited the United Center for a match against the Orlando Magic.

The subway took me right to the United Center. Outside the arena is a statue of the best player in the history of the Bulls and basketball in general, Michael Jordan. After checking out His Royal Airness I entered the arena and walked around to get a better feel of this legendary team. Many shops sell items referring to the legends of the Bulls. When I visited the Bulls their team was not the best. In fact it was one of the worst of the league. My previous visits to a NBA game were in Salt Lake City (Utah Jazz) and in Houston (Houston Rockets). Twice the hometeam won the match and the atmosphere was great. The atmosphere at the Bulls was not the greatest, possibly because the team was underachieving. The only player really worth watching was Joakim Noah, son of the famous French tennisplayer. Despite his efforts the Bulls lost 94- 113.

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