Around the world

From December 2012 till May 2014 I have traveled around the world solo. After visiting some classics in Southeast Asia, I spent a decent amount of time in India because this is a country that takes time to fully absorb. Skiing Kashmir was followed by a visit to Turkey where sightseeing in Istanbul and ski touring around Cappadocia were the main objectives. A diverse trip to Morocco with ski mountaineering in the Atlas mountain range as a highlight was next before checking just how much snow was left in the French Alps to ski some nice terrain without too many people in the tail end of the ski season. Studying Spanish in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires and Uruguay’s capital Montevideo gave me a basic understanding of the Spanish language, enough to survive in South America. After checking out Brazil with its magnificent Pantanal and both Bolivia and Peru with it spectacular landscapes I made my way South. Skiing the legendary Andes (Las Leñas, Bariloche and some remarkable volcanoes) and traveling through Patagonia, finished with an absolute highlight of the trip: ski mountaineering on Antarctica to complete skiing on all seven continents!

While being on the road more plans developed and I decided to extend my trip with about 4 months. Skiing from the summit of Cotopaxi was the highlight of my visit to Ecuador. A month of exploring Colombia was next before going back to Morocco in order to ski some amazing terrain around the Tazaghart hut. Next was a very diverse trip to Iran where both skiing and sightseeing were on the agenda before boarding the Trans Asia Express back to Turkey. I finished the trip with some steep skiing in the Dolomites and the French Alps.

The route of the trip was as follows:

Vietnam – Cambodia – Thailand – Southern India – skiing Kashmir – Turkey – Morocco – French Alps – Buenos Aires – Montevideo – Brazil – Peru – Bolivia – skiing the Andes – Patagonia – Antarctica – Ecuador – Colombia – Morocco – Iran – Dolomites – French Alps