Welcome to Polhovsky.com!

Since the age of three my parents took me skiing in the European Alps. Eversince I’m totally hooked on the sport of skiing.  At the age of 25 none of my friends wanted to go on our annual skitrip to one of the many resorts in France. I decided to visit Canada and fulfill one of my dreams at the time. Arriving solo in Vancouver felt so great that it changed my life. From that moment traveling became an addiction, traveling solo to be more precise. At first I wanted to go skiing everywhere, soon other aspects of traveling started to interest me too. Where I only ate regular Dutch food for example, traveling made me eat foreign food only nowadays. Furthermore I started to enjoy wildlife, hiking, camping and exploring in general all through traveling!

On this site you’ll find trip reports, reports of sporting events, big mountain ski descents, reviews of my favourite restaurants all over the world and more!

Oh, yes, you want to know the explanation of the name of this site, Polhovsky.com! Well, that’s as follows: I’m a big fan of nicknames and therefore I have one myself. My name being Paul, friends started to call me Polly. That’s nothing to be shocked about. From the age of 8 I used to be quite a fanatic (it’s all relative) tennisplayer and at the age of 18 I started to specialize in doubles. My doubles partners were almost always the better tennisplayer but I used to be the strategist. During those years of my ‘career’ Andrei Olhovsky was the number one doubles player of the world. He was a noteworthy character and strategist which led to a contamination of Polly and Olhovsky, “Polhovsky”.

Have fun reading the reports and exploring my website. If you have any questions and/or remarks you can always send me an email!