Since the age of three my parents took me skiing in the European Alps. Ever since I’m totally hooked on the sport of skiing.  At the age of 25 none of my friends wanted to go on our annual ski trip to one of the many resorts in France. I decided to visit Canada and fulfill one of my dreams at the time. Arriving solo in Vancouver felt so great that it changed my life. From that moment traveling became an addiction, traveling solo to be more precise. At first I wanted to go skiing everywhere (being inspired by the amazing book “Skiing around the world” by Jimmy Petterson), soon other aspects of traveling started to interest me too. I enjoy many exotic cuisines, wildlife, hiking, camping and exploring in general, all through traveling!

On this site you’ll find trip reports, reports of sporting events, big mountain ski descents, reviews of my favorite restaurants all over the world and more!


Oh, yes, you want to know the explanation of the name of this site,! Well, that’s as follows: my name being Paul, friends started to call me Polly. That’s nothing to be shocked about. From the age of 8 I used to be quite a fanatic (it’s all relative) tennis player and at the age of 18 I started to specialize in doubles. My doubles partners were almost always the better tennis player but I used to be the strategist. During those years of my ‘career’ Andrei Olhovskiy (see photo) was one of the best doubles players in the world. He was a noteworthy character and strategist which led to a contamination of Polly and Olhovskiy, “Polhovsky”.

Big trip 1 – Skiing the seven 

From December 2012 till May 2014 I have traveled around the world solo. After visiting some classics in Southeast Asia, I spent a decent amount of time in India because this is a country that takes time to fully absorb. Skiing Kashmir was followed by a visit to Turkey where sightseeing in Istanbul and ski touring around Cappadocia were the main objectives. A diverse trip to Morocco with ski mountaineering in the Atlas mountain range as a highlight was next before checking just how much snow was left in the French Alps to ski some nice terrain without too many people in the tail end of the ski season. Studying Spanish in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires and Uruguay’s capital Montevideo gave me a basic understanding of the Spanish language, enough to survive in South America. After checking out Brazil with its magnificent Pantanal and both Bolivia and Peru with it spectacular landscapes I made my way South. Skiing the legendary Andes (Las Leñas, Bariloche and some remarkable volcanoes) and traveling through Patagonia, finished with an absolute highlight of the trip: ski mountaineering on Antarctica to complete skiing on all seven continents!

While being on the road more plans developed and I decided to extend my trip with about 4 months. Skiing from the summit of Cotopaxi was the highlight of my visit to Ecuador. A month of exploring Colombia was next before going back to Morocco in order to ski some amazing terrain around the Tazaghart hut. Next was a very diverse trip to Iran where both skiing and sightseeing were on the agenda before boarding the Trans Asia Express back to Turkey. I finished the trip with some steep skiing in the Dolomites and the French Alps.

The route of the trip was as follows:

Vietnam – Cambodia – Thailand – Southern India – skiing Kashmir – Turkey – Morocco – French Alps – Buenos Aires – Montevideo – Brazil – Peru – Bolivia – skiing the Andes – Patagonia – Antarctica – Ecuador – Colombia – Morocco – Iran – Dolomites – French Alps

Big trip 2 – Exploring more exotic locations

In 2017 I left the Netherlands for a second big trip. For roughly 7 months my skis were my most important possession. I started the trip in Munich for New Year and witnessed the famous ski jumping in Garmisch on the first day of 2017. The next 4 weeks were spent in beautiful Sri Lanka where I explored the island first and finished with some volunteering. After a short visit to Bratislava, I flew to Georgia for a cultural rollercoaster of a month. I met many intriguing people, ate delicious and plentiful food and skied terrain the Caucasus is renowned for. March was all about the Balkans. Initially the plan was to ski Bulgaria but due to a lack of snow I skied Kosovo and Greece instead with the latter being a positive surprise in many ways!

After an inspiring month in the Balkans, I crossed the Atlantic in order to visit Estes Park where I attended the AIARE level 2 avalanche course. After absorbing a great amount of snow science, I treated myself to some heli skiing in the heli capital of the world, Valdez in Alaska. The final two months of the trip I discovered the beauty and variety of Central Asia. I started by exploring the wilderness of Kyrgyzstan. After a short visit to Kazakhstan, the beautiful architecture of Uzbekistan was next on the agenda before visiting the remote country of Tajikistan where tourists are still a novelty in certain areas. The trip had to be finished in style with a ski expedition to the Ak-Sai glacier in the Ala Archa national park of Kyrgyzstan.

The route of the trip was as follows:

Germany – Sri Lanka – Slovakia – Georgia – Bulgaria – Kosovo – Greece – USA – Kyrgyzstan – Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan – Tajikistan – Kyrgyzstan


Have fun reading the reports and exploring my website. If you have any questions and/or remarks you can always send me an email!