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Southern India; cities, backwaters and temples

Three years ago I had traveled the North of India, Rajasthan. This time I wanted to explore the South. From Chennai in the East via Bangalore in the middle to Kerala in the West. Kerala is known as ‘God’s own country’ so it better be good! Will India deliver again this time? Is the South really different from the North?

Tandoor in Bangalore, India

Bangalore has some of the best food in India if you´d ask me. The city is more developed than others in the country and because of its many national immigrants most types of Indian food are available. If you´re looking for a place in the center of town with a guarantee for superb food, there is an easy pick: Tandoor on Mahatma Gandhi Road!

Jalsa in Bangalore, India

One of my favourite cuisines is the one from India. When I had to visit Bangalore for business purposes I used the opportunity to taste the local cuisine. Bangalore turned out to be a real heaven when in comes to food. When you´re looking for a fun and great dining experience, Jalsa would be my recommendation!

Samarkand in Bangalore, India

Whenever you’ll find yourself in Bangalore looking for very tasty food in a great ambience and you’re not on a tight budget, well things are easy, visit Samarkand and success is guaranteed!

20 – 20 cricket playoffs in Bangalore

In May 2012 I went to Bangalore, India for business. On my way downtown from the airport I noticed the huge cricket stadium. I kept it in mind and later that week it turned out the playoffs were full on. That Wednesday I witnessed my first cricket match!