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Russia; cities, trains and cold smoke

Last year I rode a chairlift in Goderdzi (Georgia) together with Jesper from Denmark and we discussed our skiing plans for the near future. We found out we were both inspired by “Skiing around the world”, a fantastic book written by Jimmy Petterson, and as a result we were skiing as many different places as we possibly could. I like to say I’m seeing the world through skiing since the cultural experiences one gets by skiing in exotic locations are simply invaluable. Jesper and myself had never skied in Russia which made things pretty simple, either Kamchatka or Siberia was on the agenda for the next year!

‘t Cafeeke, Belgian beer cafe in Madrid, Spain

When you’re on the road it’s nice to have a place where you feel at home from time to time. It’s maybe a bit sad when you’d call a Belgian beer cafe home, but for me it’s definitely a place to hang out for an hour or two and to get away from the hustle and bustle on the street. Madrid is quite a comfortable city without a lot of stress, but still, a visit to ‘t Cafeeke is a must if you like a Belgian beer from time to time…