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Tajikistan; traveling the Pamir highway

A Central Asian country that is still relatively under the radar, is located south of both Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, countries which are currently well-known by travelers. It is the smallest country in the region and more than half of it is over 3.000 meters. This country is of course Tajikistan. One of the main attractions of this destination is the Pamir highway, a road that passes through an autonomous region called Gorno-Badakhshan with a population density of only 3,2 per squared kilometer!

China; history, parks and Karst mountains

In 2008, after the Olympics, I visited the far East, China. The country being so huge, I was looking forward to varieties in many ways. Differences in scenery, climate and people were to be expected during my 3,5 week trip.

Da Dong, Chinese restaurant in Beijing, China

Flying with Finnair to Beijing, I was reading their magazine about top restaurants in the Chinese capital. A big recommendation was Da Dong and it didn’t disappoint.