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Annapurna, Indian restaurant in Chamonix, France

In most skiresorts you’re limited to basic food when eating out. There are however some resorts in the world where excellent restaurants are present. Chamonix in France is a fine example of such a resort and Annapurna restaurant is my pick there!

Great India, Indian restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand

Indian food might be my favourite and I have tried Indian restaurants all over the world and I really mean all over the world. Ofcourse Indian food is fantastic in the country it originates from but the food served at Great India is a serious competitor or maybe even better…

India Way, Indian restaurant in Leiden, The Netherlands

Living in the Netherlands I simply had to try different Indian restaurants as a variety to our local cuisine. Traveling to many countries results in interest in different cuisines, at least in my case it did. From all Indian restaurant I have tried in my homecountry India Way is on top of the list.

Bukhara, Indian restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa

Bukhara is not just an Indian restaurant. For me it changed my diet and it even changed my interests because from the day I had eaten there, I wanted to see more of the amazing country the food originates from!

South Africa; a country of contrasts

Going on a safari was a big dream for me. Spending a ridiculous amount of money to see some animals sounded crazy, so I wanted to combine a safari with a nice city-trip, a cultural experience and preferably interesting nature. So I went to South Africa in October 2007…