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Great White, Gulmarg, Kashmir

Gulmarg is a great destination for powder skiing. Multiple bowls are lined up and scream to be ripped apart. However, most of the terrain is very similar and the real steeps are lacking, with some exceptions of which my favourite is called Great White. A huge bowl with steep lines accessible within a couple of hours from the gondola offers great lines and a nice day out in the field.

Gulmarg; skiing currypowder in the Himalayas

When you’re on a long trip, skiing in the Rockies would not be my first pick. One of the most economical options for good skiing worldwide is Gulmarg in Kashmir. The skiing can be absolutely worldclass but unfortunately it still comes with a price…

India; culture and skiing in Kashmir

In 2008 I wanted to visit India mainly to ski Gulmarg. A lot of resistence from the family made me decide not to go. Resistence because Kashmir is officially in war which could obviously be dangerous. Two years later I decided I had to go regardless of other people’s opinions.