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Skiing the Andes…again

May 2014 I returned back home from my long trip. Having been away for quite a while, I was looking forward to some continuity. I soon started life as a freelancer and my first contract was a fact. Working on an important project for a year meant I had faced quite a few deadlines and that I had been looking at a computer screen for a while. Therefore, time had come to participate in some outdoor activity. Another trip to the Southern Hemisphere where winter was in full swing, was on the agenda…

Banana couloir, Las Leñas, Argentina

Las Leñas in Argentina has many options for freeriding, most of them easily accessible by the Marte chairlift. These options include many bowls, chutes and some steep couloirs and can keep you busy for days or even weeks. In case you want to explore a but further there are some fantastic options in the “backyard” with mountains like Cerro Martin, Entre Rios and Torrecillas…

Frankie’s couloir, Las Leñas, Argentina

Las Leñas in Argentina has possibly the best lift-accessed terrain in the world. Of course, that is, when the famous Marte chairlift is running. Otherwise the terrain is suddenly very limited, especially when you’re looking for steep offpiste lines. Another factor that plays an important role is the volatility in snowfalls in this part of the world. Recent years have been what is referred to as ‘low snow seasons’. Finally 2015 had a decent amount of snow, opening many possibilities…

Las Leñas; a freeride paradise

For a couple of years now the Andes is one of my favourite places to go skiing. This trip I had the opportunity to ski different areas in this impressive mountainrange for about 2 months. Many runs on my bucketlist were located here so hopefully I could at least ski them and hopefully in nice conditions too!

Entre Rios, Las Leñas, Argentina

Las Leñas has some of the best easily accessible backcountry terrain in the world. You take the Marte chairlift and so many opportunities await you that it can keep you busy for years. At the back of the resort there are three very prominent peaks begging to be skied; Cerro Martin, Entre Rios and Cerro Torrecillas. For many Entre Rios is their favourite. I skied it in the summer of 2013.

Hourglass, Las Leñas, Argentina

Skiing in Europe and North America is really popular but there is one resort in the Southern hemisphere that offers almost unlimited offpiste – and backcountry skiing. This place is Las Leñas in Argentina. With over 200 documented offpiste / backcountry runs it is a true mecca for skiers all over the world. One of the finest runs accessible without much effort is Hourglass, a beautiful steep couloir…

Argentina and Chile; steaks, nightlife and the Andes

When I was skiing in Sun Peaks (Canada) I discussed travelplans with a guy I had met. He mentioned his ex-girlfriend had snowboarded in Argentina. I had no idea at the time there was even snow in South America. Almost six months later I landed in the country known for big delicious steaks, football and tango.

Torrecillas, Las Leñas, Argentina

Skiing all corners of the world one will eventually end up in freeriders’ paradise Las Leñas in Argentina. Many options for some serious “steep & deep” but the backyard of Marte chairlift remains classic. One of the most aesthetic peaks is definitely Cerro Torrecillas. I got to ski it in the summer of 2009.