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Ecuador; a ski expedition near the Amazon

In the Warren Miller movie “Off the grid” skiers talk about how great it is to see the world through skiing and I have to say, for me it really is. When some Austrians, who I had met in Bolivia during a high altitude trekking, recommended me to climb Cotopaxi, I started doing some research. Soon it became clear that skiing one of the highest active vulcanoes in the world is possible and my excuse to visit Ecuador was born.

North face of Cotopaxi, Ecuador

During a visit to Bolivia, I had met some climbers who recommended me to climb Cotopaxi. When I found out that skiing from the summit of this volcano is possible, my trip to Ecuador was a fact. In december 2013 I skied from 5897 meters down to 4800 meters. Find out more about my ski expedition to a big mountain somewhere on the equator…

El Pobre Diablo, jazzclub in Quito, Ecuador

The capital of Ecuador, Quito, is not my favourite city. The only nice part is the historic center of the city and even there you have to be careful not te get robbed. Bus terminals are located at the far ends of the city and ATMs most likely don’t work. People are not really friendly and some nice places to relax are scarse. However, there is one exception, the jazzclub El Pobre Diablo…