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Las Leñas; a freeride paradise

For a couple of years now the Andes is one of my favourite places to go skiing. This trip I had the opportunity to ski different areas in this impressive mountainrange for about 2 months. Many runs on my bucketlist were located here so hopefully I could at least ski them and hopefully in nice conditions too!

Morocco; sun, snow and sand

To complete my goal of skiing on all the continents I had to ski in Africa with Morocco being the most obvious place to do so. Skitouring in the High Atlas mountains was therefore automatically on the agenda, but what else had this country in Northern Africa to offer?

Gulmarg; skiing currypowder in the Himalayas

When you’re on a long trip, skiing in the Rockies would not be my first pick. One of the most economical options for good skiing worldwide is Gulmarg in Kashmir. The skiing can be absolutely worldclass but unfortunately it still comes with a price…

Iceland; skitouring in the fjords

I’m a big Warren Miller fan and in his movie “Children of winter” there is a segment of sailboat skiing in the Northwestern part of Iceland. One of his famous sayings is “If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do” and so I went!

the Lofoten Islands; skiing at 68 degrees North

After skiing many continents my final goal, skiing all seven continents, is getting more and more within reach. To get a feeling what skiing on Antarctica will be, a trip to the Lofoten Islands seemed a good idea to me. This place is called “little Antarctica” for a reason…

Argentina and Chile; steaks, nightlife and the Andes

When I was skiing in Sun Peaks (Canada) I discussed travelplans with a guy I had met. He mentioned his ex-girlfriend had snowboarded in Argentina. I had no idea at the time there was even snow in South America. Almost six months later I landed in the country known for big delicious steaks, football and tango.