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Sri Lanka; a little bit of everything…

Being a huge fan of travelling the subcontinent of India, Sri Lanka was an obvious destination for my next trip. Expectations were quite high with the prospects of beautiful scenery, great beaches, interesting people, wildlife, nice train rides and some delicious spicy curries, but could these expectations be met?

Curry Bowl, Sri Lankan streetfood in Zagreb, Croatia

For several years now, I am a huge fan of Asian food, Indian and Indonesian in particular. It’s got a lot of flavour and is not too heavy, you can eat without building up any guilt, if you know what I mean. Many countries nowadays offer a wide variety of food because of the many immigrants from all over the world. In Croatia however, there are not so many immigrants from other continents who fill up the streets, which makes the number of Asian restaurants limited. Luckily, Zagreb has a great one: Curry Bowl.