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Peru; skiing the Cordillera Blanca

In 2013 I had visited the South of Peru. The Inca trail with a beautiful finish in Machu Picchu and the city of Arequipa were the highlights during that trip. Huaraz, the base for trekking – and climbing expeditions in both the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash, was not yet on the radar back then. When I read about ski mountaineering adventures in that part of the world, things changed quickly. Having skied Cotopaxi in Ecuador, I figured some more high altitude skiing wouldn’t hurt…

Kyrgyzstan; a ski expedition to Ak Sai

The last weeks I have been traveling around Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have all showed me some amazing culture and landscapes. The landscapes showed me the potential for ski mountaineering. After all the sightseeing, a trip with my skis into the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan seemed like a great adventure!

Southern Patagonia; exploring the wilderness

After skiing for nearly two months in Argentina it was time for a change. Early November I’ll have to be in Ushuaia, the most Southern point of Argentina in order to board the cruise to Antarctica. Until then I had about a month to spend in Southern Patagonia. Its wilderness with some impressive glaciers and beautiful trekkings sounded like the perfect “stopover” in between skiing…

Bolivia & Peru; amazing landscapes

For years Peru has been high, if not the highest, on my list of countries I wanted to visit. Whereas Argentina and Chile have a European feel, Peru sounded more Latin American (whatever that may be) to me. Initially Bolivia was just a transit country but during my travels I met more and more people who really liked Bolivia. I guess I had to see what that’s all about…

Nepal; a culture shock, tourists and incredible mountains

To explore my interests I wanted to take part in new activities and I decided a trekking could be it. What better country for trekking than Nepal can you imagine? In the end of 2009 I took off for 10 days of trekking and another 2 weeks of culture, activities and wildlife.