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Cremeria Milano, ice cream parlour in Istanbul, Turkey

All over the world, no matter where I am, I’m always looking for good ice cream. In every developed country it’s easy to find a nice ice cream but finding that special flavour or special quality can be a completely different story. Just by coincidence I ran into a superb parlour during my 6 day stay in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul. At Cremeria Milano I had the best ice cream ever!

Lokanta Helvetia, homemade food in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a very big metropolis with around 14 million people. Since it’s such a big and international city you can find all sorts of cuisine. Kebabs and pides joints are of course abundant. When you’re looking for more traditional Turkish food, you’ll have to do some research. Near the Galata tower one can find a great place for traditional homemade food, the name: Lokanta Helvetia.

Turkey; mosques, rock formations and some snow…

Initially I only wanted to visit Istanbul, a city everyone seems to love. Because my schedule of traveling changed I suddenly had 2 more weeks to spend so a bit of skiing and a visit to Cappadocia were soon added to the itinerary. Skiing in the Alps is pretty popular but skiing in Turkey, what is that about?